WRTnode1 standard shield

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This page is a translated version of the page WRTnode1标准底板 and the translation is 100% complete.

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WRTnode standard shield is the basic and first Accessory for WRTnode.

Size of layout: 80*48.5*20mm

  • Specs:
    • 5V micro-USB DC-in
    • Extend 4 standard USB port
    • 1 RJ45 100M Ethernet port( to be a LAN port or WAN port as you define)
    • other interfaces:
      • UART
      • I2C( while could multiused as GPIO * 2)
      • SPI
      • GPIO*12
      • Uboot web-page fail-safe de-brick button
      • 5v and 3.3v pins

Play the shield pls notice that:

  • Be sure to plug the WRTnode into the shield as the picture, Be sure DONOT go wrong direction.


  • For the power we recommend a 5V USB-interface adapter higher than 1000mA, when more USB devices plugged in, we recommend a 2A or 2.5A adapter, such as your ipad one.
  • How to with U-Boot web-page fail-safe de-brick button:
    • An original WRTnode U-Boot WRTnode_U-Boot_instructions will provide this, if there's another U-Boot have been flashed, this section is invalid.
    • instruction:
  1. Set your computer Ethernet with the IP: and the mask:, connect computer and the shield with RJ45 wire.
  2. Push the button( in this case to prevent misoperation, we use a very tight button, please make sure to hold the button tightly with nail or blunt object.)
  3. Power on
  4. WRTnode sense the pushed button, the led indication on WRTnode will flash for about 5 seconds.

While, we could use web browser in the computer with URL: to flash the ROM.