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root@OpenWrt:~# opkg install xxxx </pre>

Play stm32

Updating the firmware of stm32

In the stm32 of WRTnode2R/en, we preset a bootloader in the first 4K of stm32 so we could update firmware of stm32 online in mt7688, which provide by a 7688 tools named flash-stm32.
Using flash-stm32 like:

root@OpenWrt:~# flash-stm32 URL

URL argument could be the file url from internet or the local file.
We recommended to update the new firmware:

root@OpenWrt:~# flash-stm32

As shown, stm32 updating finished, after that stm32 will reboot automatically.

If user want to do stm32 development by yourself, use tools like stlink to deleop/debug/reflash. Here's what we must know:

  1. User-developed code to redirect to the interrupt vector table location 0x08001000.
  2. User Codes, the position to be downloaded to 0x08001000.
  3. If the user completely abandoned the code we provide, but also want to support online update firmware, you need to realize 7688 control stm32 reset function in the user code.(In we provide in the code, has achieved the reset command, so based on the code we provide for development, do not need to complete this step)