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Login to WRTnode2R using telnet or ssh

Use any PC with Windows, Linux or MacOS operating system, install PuTTY on Windows PC, use any Linux / MacOS terminal software on Linux / MacOS.

  • First ping the WRTnode to see if connection is available. The default IP of WRTnode2R is set to, but WRTnode2R is able to resolve openwrt.lan to as well:
ping openwrt.lan
  • Connect to WRTnode2R using telnet or ssh

If you connect first time to WRTnode2R or you didn't set password for root user of OpenWrt, use telnet to connect:



telnet openwrt.lan

If you a password for root user was set, use SSH to connect:

ssh root@


ssh root@openwrt.lan

Input your root password and a screen should appear like, ok, that's it. you could play your Linux CLI interacting here now: