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The most first tip:
WRTnode2R default WiFi ssid: WRTnode2R_xxxx
Defual password for the Wi-Fi ssid: 12345678

What's in the WRTnode2R retail package

WRTnode2R retail package including the WRTnode2R and it's standerd shield
This is how they are togother ready to work.

How WRTnode2R inserted into the shield

Plug the golden core module WRTnode2R into the miniPCI socket as the angle like the figure:
And push the outside of the golden module lightly, as the figure:
After a "carrrrrh" sound, the core module and the base board fitted each other perfectly, as the figure:
Isn't the inserting of WRTnode2R looks like the inserting of the RAM stick to the laptop? Yep, it's just how we want to design.