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Wireless networking performance and CPU benchmark

Wireless networking performance

WiFi to RJ45 (LAN) throughput 175.307Mpbs (tested by IxChariot, do did below)

WiFi via nat conversion to RJ45 (WAN) throughput 180.526Mbps

WiFi(LAN) to WiFi(LAN) dual wireless throughput 85.412 Mbps

  • All the test performed in a relatively ideal environment, instead of in the shielding box. WRTnode2P uses the 5DBM FPC external antenna as the retail one:


The distance between ap and sta is about 30cm, two terminal devices is intel i7 windows 10 LTSB and intel i3 windows8.1 enterprise, with 300M USB PC wireless card using rtl-8192.

Delay on WiFi test

2R Pinglat.png

WRTnode as the gateway pings the WiFi station.

CPU Benchmark by openssl

Raspberry Pi 1 as reference value, Bench Sum larger the better
Benchmark openssl sum.png

Test detail:

Devices detail

testing method:
The resault of Raspberry Pi 1 and Raspberry Pi 2 is from this page.