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As an open source hardware vendor, WRTnode also provides the technical services about electronic development and mass manufacturing.
We have been promoting the popularization and dissemination of new electronic technology, and hope that the electronics industry can show the prosperity of the internet.
So let's start the brand new journey now.

WRTnode team based in Beijing, China, from 2013, we started the WRTnode1, trying to offer a new method for electronics development by provide the modularized component both hardware and software. luckily, we have been enough rewarded from the businesses and community to continue the way we like to lead. Also, we are pleased to see that till 11-2015, we have sold more than 30,000 pcs WRTnode1, which goes almost every country in the world. For more, there's all kind of hardware startups even some enterprises of the Fortune Top500, trying to use WRTnode1 to develop their productions from North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, India, South America, and of course more in China. All this make us feel like we are bringing the part of our dreams come true that make hardware developing and mass manufacturing available to the people who are various background.