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Hi, this is the WRTnode WiKi.

As an open source hardware vendor, WRTnode also provides the technical services about electronic development and mass manufacturing.
We have been promoting the popularization and dissemination of new electronic technology, and hope that the electronics industry can show the prosperity of the internet.
So let's start the brand new journey now.


WRTnode1 series

MT7620n 580MHz, 64Mbyte RAM, 16Mbyte Flash, 300Mhz 11n 2T2R
spi , i2c , gpio , USB2.0
50*45mm 2.54排针52个
WRTnode1 Starting
WRTnode1 Specifications
WRTnode1 pin map

WRTnode1 Engineering Edition
MT7620n 580MHz, 64Mbyte RAM, 16Mbyte Flash, 300Mhz 11n 2T2R
spi, i2c, gpio , USB2.0
50*25mm 1.27mm Stamp hole * 36


Hi3516A ARM Cortex A7 600MHz , 512MByte DDR3 , 32MByte SPI flash

WRTnode2 series


MT7688an + STM32F103T8U6 580MHz, 256Mbyte RAM, 32Mbyte Flash, 150Mhz 11n 1T1R
spi , i2c , gpio , PCI-e , SDXC , USB2.0
60*29mm miniPCI
WRTnode2R starting
WRTnode2R Specifications
WRTnode2R pin map

MT7628an 580MHz, 128Mbyte RAM, 16Mbyte Flash, 300Mhz 11n 2T2R
spi , i2c , gpio , PCI-e , SDXC , USB2.0
22*42mm GNFF M.2 B key
WRTnode2P Starting Guide
WRTnode2P Specifications
WRTnode2P pinmap
WRTnode2P Design Changed
WRTnode2P baseboard pinmap
Apply WRTnode2P in mass manufacturing products

QCA9531 560MHz, 128Mbyte RAM, 16Mbyte Flash, 300Mhz 11n 2T2R
spi , i2c , gpio , PCI-e , USB2.0
22*42mm GNFF M.2 B key


Play with software
How to connect to the Internet via wireless
DTS modify Guide
How to set the WRTnode to a wired router
LAN/WAN config
WRTnode system OpenWrt
Build OpenWrt cross compiler environment
How to compile a WRTnode firmware
Use toolchain Compiler OpenWrt program
OpenWrt add the package method
How to find a package in the configuration interface
Documents related to the firmware
Introduction of factory firmware
Flash firmware
WRTnode U-Boot instructions
Development with C language
Development with python
Install Node.js
Development with node.js
Development with shell
HTTP project
Artificial intelligence project
How to compile a OpenCV application for WRTnode
Play with hardware
WRTnode add USB device (3G network card, U disk, USB camera)
WRTnode GPIO Usage
The user space gpio calls
How to register a GPIO as Led or Button
WRTnode I2C Usage
WRTnode SPI Usage
WRTnode Serial Port Usage
WRTnode Tf Usage
The manual of STM32 development in WRTnode2R
WRTnode hands-on projects
WRTnode Web Portal
WRTnode flash MAC via web
WRTnode add support for RoboPeak Mini USB Display
WRTnode accessory products
DEV cables kit
WRTnode connection TTL to USB devices
WRTnode dedicated network cable
WRTnode2R standerd shield
WRTnode2P/2Q standerd shield
The 'special' USB cable customized for WRTnode

WRTnode engineering services: everybody could be a hardware vendor

  • We thought that the details of technology and engineering should not be the bottleneck of hardware development and mass manufacturing.
  • The open source hardware provide by WRTnode may just a starting. WRTnode is also a hardware ODM and OEM vendor, our team have been in this field for a ten years, and now we are prefer to offer the technology and engineering capability of hardware development and manufacturing to all the hardware developers or designers, whoever and whatever background. We hope more and more individual or small team could be a hardware vendor.
  • We already offers (in Chinese):
  • Of course, this is not enough, we will release series of services later to help anyone anywhere to go from prototyping to the more and more big scale of along with the lifecycle of the hardware production.

Additional topics

Let's maintain this Wiki together

We tried open registration and editing in the older version of Wiki, but it lead to tens of thousands of spam users and more than one GB of spam Wiki entries, so we have to closed the registration in the older version of Wiki. Here we closed the registration either, but we highly appreciate the interaction of our community, so if you like to act as an editor of this Wiki, mail the account name you wanted and any words you like to tell us to, we'll register account for you.

Who are us

WRTnode team based in Beijing, China, from 2013, we started the WRTnode1, trying to offer a new method for electronics development by provide the modularized component both hardware and software. luckily, we have been enough rewarded from the businesses and community to continue the way we like to lead. Also, we are pleased to see that till 11-2015, we have sold more than 30,000 pcs WRTnode1, which goes almost every country in the world. For more, there's all kind of hardware startups even some enterprises of the Fortune Top500, trying to use WRTnode1 to develop their productions from North America, Europe, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, India, South America, and of course more in China. All this make us feel like we are bringing the part of our dreams come true that make hardware developing and mass manufacturing available to the people who are various background.

Our vision

WRTnode is a work based on giant's shoulders, without Linux and OpenWrt, or without the more and more open IC providers, the dream of WRTnode will only in the future. Glad to live in the Internet technology explosion era, we can more freely and relax to make the things we like. The great explosion of technology has made human civilization stand on an unprecedented boom, and we hope that our efforts are a small contribution to the boom.

WRTnode entry into the new componentized electronic development by offering the WiFi & Linux module. In the mobile Internet era, WiFi is the basic survival needs of human beings, we do not think this is only a joke, and Linux will allow technicians to master the power of creation, which is undoubtedly the two important infrastructure for technological innovation. Of course, we see that computer vision, speech semantics and pragmatics as the main performance of the artificial intelligence technology is becoming more and more important, and including I.o.T , and the environment and people more closely related to the robotics, and virtual reality applications have become an important area of the next technology progress, WRTnode also hope that in these areas to provide components of hardware (including software) development tools and services. This is the vision of WRTnode.

So, by the end of 2015, WRTnode's product line is extended to WRTnode1, WRTnode2 series, WRTnodeHi; next, we will trying to offer hardware infrastructures for computer vision, voice semantics, more computing technology quantifying human and environments, hoping the WRTnode1's technical supply model could be extended to more of these cool or future areas.