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 h English (en)==Wireless networking performance and CPU benchmark==
===Wireless networking performance===
WiFi to RJ45 (LAN) throughput 175.307Mpbs (tested by IxChariot, do did below)<br />
[[file:2P-introduction11.png|768px]]<br /><br />
WiFi via nat conversion to RJ45 (WAN) throughput 180.526Mbps<br />
[[文件:2P-introduction12.png|768px]]<br /><br />
WiFi(LAN) to WiFi(LAN) dual wireless throughput 85.412 Mbps<br />
[[文件:2P-introduction13.png|768px]]<br /><br />
* All the test performed in a relatively ideal environment, instead of in the shielding box. WRTnode2P uses the 5DBM FPC external antenna as the retail one:<br />
[[file:2P-introduction14.png|600px]]<br /><br />
The distance between ap and sta is about 30cm, two terminal devices is intel i7 windows 10 LTSB and intel i3 windows8.1 enterprise, with 300M USB PC wireless card using rtl-8192.<br />
===Delay on WiFi test===
[[文件:2R Pinglat.png|320px]]<br /><br />
WRTnode as the gateway pings the WiFi station.<br />
===CPU Benchmark by openssl===
Raspberry Pi 1 as reference value, Bench Sum larger the better<br />
[[file:2R-detaill2.png|368px]] <br /> <br />
Test detail:<br />
[[file:2R-detaill3.png|768px]] <br /> <br />
Devices detail<br />
[[文件:2R-detaill4.png|768px]] <br /> <br />
testing method: []<br />
The resault of Raspberry Pi 1 and Raspberry Pi 2 is from this page.<br />
 h Chinese (China) (zh-cn)==网络及计算能力测评==
WiFi(lan)到WiFi(lan)双向吞吐85.412 Mbps(使用IxChariot测试)<br/>
以上所有测试在较为理想的2.4G接近净空环境执行,并非在屏蔽箱内执行, WRTnode2P使用5DBM FPC外置天线,如图:<br/>
ap和sta距离约为30cm,两台测试终端设备分别为i7 windows 10 LTSB和i3 和windows8.1企业版,使用300M USB PC无线网卡,rtl8192方案,并保持近似于射频校准时的天线朝向。<br/>
所有各款WRTnode的IxChariot 吞吐测试,请参照throughput.wrtnode.cc查看测试结果源文件<br/>
[[文件:2R Pinglat.png|320px]]<br/><br/>
使用网关ping WiFi客户端,测试终端与场景与上述无线吞吐测试一致<br/>
===Openssl 计算能力===
以树莓派1为基准值,Bench Sum数字越大越好 <br />
[[文件:2R-detaill2.png|368px]] <br /> <br />
详细数据: <br />
[[文件:2R-detaill3.png|768px]] <br /> <br />
设备: <br />
[[文件:2R-detaill4.png|768px]] <br /> <br />
测试方法按照: <br />
树莓派1和树莓派2的数据亦摘自此页面。 <br />