How to compile a WRTnode firmware

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This page is a translated version of the page 如何编译一个WRTnode的固件 and the translation is 100% complete.

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  • Based on OpenWrt BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge, r41508)
  • rt2860v2 Wi-Fi driver hacked by lintel
  • Customized uboot hacked by manfeel
  • WRTnode aplci up-link Wi-Fi configuration (aps/vw/nr/ia)
  • Luci Wi-Fi wpa patch for rt2860v2
  • Local dns add & wrtnode.lan besides openwrt.lan to WRTnode which the default ip is
  • WRTnode additional feature (all source opened
    • Opencv 2.4.8
    • Native gcc-mipsel on mt7620 and bin-utils
    • Porting linino (Arduino yun) source to WRTnode
    • Shine: fast fixed-point mp3 encoding
    • And some WRTnode demo apps:
      • opencv application demo
      • mechanical control demo
      • RESTful front-end demo and some other thing

cross-compiler environment

Refer to:Build OpenWrt cross compiler environment

Compile firmware

Download WRTnode sdk

  • Build working directory:
$mkdir OpenWrt
$cd OpenWrt
  • Download sdk
$git clone wrtnode
  • Update and install software package
$cd wrtnode
$./scripts/feeds update -a
$./scripts/feeds install -a


  • make menuconfig into the graphical configuration interface
$make menuconfig
 Target System  --->  (X) Ralink RT288x/RT3xxx 
 Subtarget      --->  (X) WRTnode 1 series  
                      ( ) WRTnode 2 series

If your device is WRTnode1,Subtarget select WRTnode 1 series

Subtarget --->  (X) WRTnode 1 series 

If your device is WRTnode2 series(include WRTnode2R and WRTnode2P),Subtarget select WRTnode 2 series

Subtarget --->  (X) WRTnode 2 series 

Add luci:

 LuCI  --->   1. Collections  --->  <*> luci    

Other parts can follow your own needs to select the configuration, for example suond drive, video drive, U disk drives.

TF card diver

If you need to use tf card, select the drive:

make menuconfig
                                         -*- kmod-mmc
 Kernel modules ---> Other modules  ---> -*- kmod-sdhci
                                         <*> kmod-sdhci-mt7620

If you WRTnode2P shield version is V1.2, Download,cover drivers/mmc/host/mtk-mmc/sd.c
If your hand WRTnode2R shield no version number,Download,cover drivers/mmc/host/mtk-mmc/sd.c
In addition to the above mentioned WRTnode2R and WRTnode2P versions, the other version fixes the TF Card problem.


$make V=s 

WRTnode1 factory firmware:
WRTnode2R factory firmware: WRTnode2P factory firmware: The corresponding toolchain: